Safety priority on slides. We equip your slides with electronic sensors to prevent unwanted accidents.With Polgun traffic light, you can maximize your safety and save personnel.Our traffic lights have special electronic board and countdown led panel.We also care about visuality with colors suitable for each color start.

Racing slides, competition, and entertainment facility. Are you ready to compete in our multi-slide products with Polgun scoreboard?In this exciting product, we add a technological pleasure to the experience of the users by highlighting the competition.In addition to the race rankings, we target happy customers who constantly strive to achieve the best rankings throughout the day by reflecting maximum speeds on the screen.

Higher, highest! we throw the water we pressurize to a height of 25 meters and draw attention from outside the facility and offer a visual feast with sprinkler with Splash Tower and Water Gaiser can be located at certain points of the park

How many colors can you see when sliding from a slide? A wonderful visual feast where you can see all colors with Led effect is waiting for you. With the Led effect, which can be applied to any number of tubes, users will travel in a different world with the magnificent visuality of colors while experiencing the adrenaline. With our special RGB led effects, we add color to parks in indoor parks and outdoor parks, different types and sizes of slides

Cheese …. With Photo Slide, we take pictures of users at the most exciting point of the slide, and we set up special kiosks that customers can buy. We both immortalize the moment and at the same time provide an additional income model for water parks.

The new entertainment spot for water parks. Polgun Interactive Bucket Game. Poolside competition, fun, speed, a little soaking. The quicker wins, the other one remains under water. With its paid and free play options, the bucket game is a new entertainment spot in water parks and hotels.

Fog, Light, Laser … Stage experience in slides. With these effects, which we will construct on the large surfaces of our slides, we support the gliding experience with fog, light and laser effects and add entertainment to the entertainment.

The most popular music everywhere. With our special production sound system, our guests are not deprived of the best notes even in a short time they will spend in the slide. Moreover, with the songs of their choice.

The one who pushes the button at the right time wins. The score of the user touching the touch buttons placed along the slide appears on the output. Controversy continues to make the best score.With Polgun Interactive touch game, users are trying to make the highest score, with this technology content slide we go one step beyond other parks.

Augmented reality in your water park. Dragons, fairies, heroes of dreams in a water curtain that we will put in the slide with the augmented reality application developed by Polgun Interactive. Horror, visual beauty or fun. Our new AR effects can be selected for different age groups and the user can select them before sliding.

Everything for security. There is a minimum and maximum weight range for all our slides. It is not always a good idea to show your weight in order to find out if users are in this range. With our product developed by Polgun Interactive, instead of showing the weight, we can give a green light to the users in the range you can set with a Bluetooth-connected phone and red light to the others, and we can politely reject our customers abroad.

A magical world in the fogs. As Polgun Interactive, we produce water-based fog effects for use in artificial rock and special theme areas and provide additions to the visuality in parks.

Are you ready for the visual feast on the slides? With Polgun Interactive, we illuminate the outside of your slides and turn your water parks into a visual feast area when it gets dark.